Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Level 3 Boss Triple Trouble

Ba-Boom, The Boisterous is a high-ranking Snowmad General, and the boss of Bright Savanna (as well as the third boss overall) in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


Ba-Boom is a black Kong baboon with blue cheeks and messy hair. He wears a horn upside helmet with the Snowmad symbol, blue bracelets on his arms and legs.

Opening Cutscene 

Donkey Kong and his current Kong buddy stumble across a strange construct that consists of two wooden poles holding up a central log. Suddenly, they notice a banana bunch in the middle, ripe for the taking. Just as Donkey Kong reaches for it, a blue, furry hand swipes it from him. That hand belongs to Ba-Boom, the boss of this world. He swings up to the top of the construct, then splits into three versions of himself. The clones remain perfectly still for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. Donkey Kong immediately prepares for battle.


Each clone starts things off by attaching a rope to another part of the construct's top platform. They then pull out a hammer and swing down, spinning said hammer all the while. Sometimes, however, one of the clones will forget to pull out a hammer, so you can jump on their behinds or roll into them. Once each clone has finished, two clones will drop down from the top platform and spin-dash through the arena while the third clone watches. After a short time spin-dashing, the clones will get dizzy, and are once again exposed to attack. The clones then go back to swinging. As each clone takes damage, they will lose more fur. Eventually, one of the clones will have been hit thrice, and be put out of the fight. The remaining two clones then regrow their fur and begin phase two. 

During phase two, the clones head to opposite sides of the construct and cling on to the support poles. They then start tossing out durian-bombs, which must be avoided. Three melon-bombs are also provided by the clones. The melon-bombs can be picked up and thrown at the clones. When each clone's been hit, they begin to irregularly hop about the arena. One of the clones preforms a big hop, then trips up, leaving his behind open to stomp attacks. When one clone has been hit three times, it's defeated, leaving the last clone to further split into two "ghost" clones, and signaling the start of phase three. 

Phase three begins when the final clone teams up with his ghost clones to form a giant chain of baboons. The chain swings back and forth, and the only way to not be hit is to duck. One of the ghost clones tosses out several durian-bombs before bringing out a melon-bomb. The melon-bomb must be thrown at the chain to break it and damage the final clone. All three clones then bring back the swinging from phase one- except now, a hammerless clone will toss out a durian-bomb before swinging. Jumping on a ghost clone will merely cause it to teleport back to the top platform. Once the final clone has been hurt again, the clones reform the chain. They then toss out durian-bombs left and right, leaving only one safe spot. Wait for the melon-bomb to be thrown, then return it to sender, thereby defeating the final clone and winning the battle. 

The final clone is the only one you can punch into oblivion. However, all three will be shown on the "hits" meter on the level results. 


  • According with boards containing no sign in DK tie, Ba-boom have been expelled from Kong Family and betrayed his own island.

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