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Baby Donkey Kong
Baby Donkey Kong's artwork from Mario Super Sluggers.

Residence Donkey Kong Island
Family Kong Family
Species Baby Gorilla
Gender Male
Affiliates Kong Family
Powers/Abilities Powers, strength, etc.
Enemies Kremling Krew, Kamek
Games Yoshi's Island DS
Mario Super Sluggers
First Appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
Latest Appearance Mario Super Sluggers (2008)

Baby Donkey Kong is Donkey Kong's younger self in Yoshi's Island DS. He was stolen from his treetop home by Kamek and his Toady army during their massive kidnapping spree. However, DK met the Yoshis and greatly helped them in their quest to defeat the Koopa Troop. He has a monogrammed bib, just like the current DK has a monogrammed tie. DK is the most powerful of the babies.

Powers and Abilities

He can climb vines and chains, even hang onto a swinging rope and using the momentum to move forward. If the player presses ↓ and then the swallowing button (either Y or B depending on control settings), DK can do a shoulder charge that can break through dirt walls, some enemies, and tough blocks. Eggs thrown by Yoshi have an explosive effect – it is possible to defeat more than one enemy and activate. Clouds, defeat enemies, or grab items just out of reach by a wall by the mini-blast. When a Yoshi ground pounds on poles, the pole goes all the way down on the first try, relating to DK's power.





  • It is unknown whether this is a younger Cranky Kong or a younger Donkey Kong. However, considering he has a monogrammed bib similar to DK's tie, it is most likely the latter.

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