Banana Juice

Banana Juice on Sale In Cranky's Shop

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Banana Juice is an item in Donkey Kong Country Returns and the 3DS version that protects Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by giving them ten extra hits. It can be purchased at Cranky's Shop for twenty Banana Coins (7 coins for 3ds) and it can only be used once. When drunk, it gives Diddy and Donkey ten extra hearts. These hearts are shown as a number on the HUD and can be lost just as easily as normal hearts. The Kongs will turn golden after drinking Banana Juice, but will start turning back to normal color after a few hits. Falling in pits or getting hit in rocket barrels or carts will still be instant death to the kongs while using the Banana Juice.
        Cranky Complaining "They can't keep this level of content up for much longer!"
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