Banjo 02

Banjo Ukulele's artwork from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The Banjo Ukulele is part of the Tiki Tak Tribe and appears in the stage The Mole Train from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

When Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong arrive at the boss stage, they see many Mole Miners gathering bananas into Mine Carts. Banjo Ukulele, who is observing the Mole Miners do their work, spots the Kongs. Donkey and Diddy Kong then spot Banjo Ukulele. Banjo Ukulele signals for the Mole Miners to stop their work and jump into the Mine Carts, and they do so. After Mole Miner Max is hypnotized by Banjo, the train starts up. A single Moler Miner will begin to throw pick axes at you. The single Mine Cart that you are riding on gradually gets closer to the train, the Mole Miner still throwing pick axes at you. After your Mine Cart connects with the train, moles pop out of the Mine Carts that make up the train, and then you have to jump on them in order to continue. This process repeats three times.


Banjo Ukulele hypnotizing.

Following this, the fight with Mole Miner Max goes underway. He pops out and throws pick axes at you on the train; the main difference between this part of the battle and the previous is that the amount of uncertainty of where Mole Miner Max will be is much more than before. After jumping on the miner's head four times, a cutscene occurs. Donkey punches Mole Miner Max a few more times before the miner flies and hits the head end of the train, dazed. The train travels along to the end of the track and narrowly misses riding off the edge. Once the train has stopped, a dazed Banjo Ukulele comes out of Mole Miner Max. Donkey then punches the tiki out of the cave.

Banjo Ukulele's tune is the base Kalimba tune, with a few banjo strings added.


  • Banjo Ukulele is the least-appearing tiki, not appearing on the game's disk case or in the introductory cinema. He also is not seen throwing bananas into Tiki Tong's head at the final boss level even though he was there. Panflute is a close second as the least-appearing Tiki leader.
  • Banjo Ukulele is the largest hypnotic tiki.
  • Banjo Ukulele is the only leader who acts surprised to see the Kongs.