Big Klaptrap

A Big Klaptrap from Donkey Kong 64.

Big Klaptraps are, as the name suggests, larger versions of Klaptraps.

Big Klaptraps are found in several areas in Donkey Kong 64, first appearing in the area Angry Aztec. Big Klaptraps are so big that most attacks don't affect them at all (even the Kongs' shockwave attack is useless). Fortunately, they can be defeated by blowing them up with an orange grenade. When destroyed, a Big Klaptrap will leave three orange grenades behind. All of them were colored purple, but some vary in size.

Unlike their smaller brethren, the skeletons of Big Klaptraps will not leap from it's body and attack the Kongs when a Big Klaptrap is defeated.

On the Donkey Kong Country animated series, a character called Junior the Giant Klaptrap would occasionally appear. Despite his name, Junior was not as big as a regular Big Klaptrap; instead, he was about the size of Diddy Kong, whereas most Giant Klaptraps are about as large as Donkey Kong.


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