Residence S.S. Chuckola
Species Undead Kong
Affiliates Mario,
Powers/Abilities Super Strength,
Has an unlimited supply of Barrels
Enemies Cackletta
Games Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Bink is a skeleton in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and a member of the S.S. Chuckola. Mario and Luigi have to complete his barrel minigame to get a Membership Card. The player could not play this minigame again until they get to the Little Fungitown Arcade (where Bink also reappears). In his minigame, the player must match up 5 barrels in a row 10 times to win the minigame.

Bink looks like a skeletal version of Donkey Kong, though whether he is an actual undead Kong is not explicitly stated. He does, however, throw barrels in his minigame, which is an obvious reference to Donkey Kong. Bink also eats Bananas when he's bored, which is unusual as skeletons do not normally eat anything; therefore, this trait may have been added to solidify the connection between Bink and the Kongs. Other than that, he has nothing to do with Donkey Kong.

        Cranky Complaining "You have to do better than that! Still got you beat, hunh?! "
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