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The weapon aimed at DK Island.

The Blast-O-Matic is the machine that King K. Rool tried to used in attempt to destroy DK Island in Donkey Kong 64. Unfortunately for him, it was damaged after K. Rool's massive ship hit a rock.

If you choose to quit the game or if you fail to deactivate the Blast-O-Matic within the allotted amount of time, you incur the game over scene which shows the Blast-O-Matic activated and pointing at DK Isle, just before destroying it.

In order to deactivate the machine and save DK Island, (before the Kremlings repair it) The Kongs must collect Blueprints from Kasplats during their adventure, give them to Snide, and then enter Hideout Helm. Depending on how many Blueprints the Kongs collect, The Blast-O-Matic will be delayed from destroying DK Island. If the Kongs collect all forty blueprints, the weapon's firing sequence will be delayed by fifty minutes.


  • It is questionable as to how the Kong's can increase their time to deactivate the Blast-O-Matic by returning blueprints when Snide has no access to the weapon.
  • In the later game Banjo-Tooie, there is a similar device by a similar name called the Big-O-Blaster commonly refer to as "BOB" which was used by Gruntilda to drain life force.

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