ExitIsNearSign Bouncy Bonanza ExitSign
Bouncy Bonanza Bouncing Kritter
Donkey facing a bouncing Kritter.
World Monkey Mines
Type Cave
Theme Cave Dweller Concert
Animal Buddies Winky
Rambi (glitch)
Bonus Stages 3
Notable Features Many Tires
Enemies Encountered Kritters, Zingers
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Bouncy Bonanza is the eighth stage in Donkey Kong Country and the third one in Monkey Mines. It comes after Mine Cart Carnage and before Stop & Go Station.


As the name implies, there are several bouncy tires throughout the stage. Also in the stage are the usual Kritters, but some possess a good jumping ability. This makes them annoying, considering that this is a cave stage where the ceiling is limited, and they often jump right in the way of the Kongs. Winky appears later in the stage.

It's worth noting that thirteen Kritters and sixteen Zingers (making twenty nine total) are the enemies appearing in the stage.

Collectibles and secrets

Animal Buddies

  • Winky the Frog: found in a secret bonus area halfway through the stage, after the Star Barrel.
  • Rambi: found by getting Winky in the bonus area, going back inside the bonus area while riding Winky, open the Winky crate and place Winky on top of the exit door then exit.


  • Bananas: 83 (Bonus Stage additions: one or ten bananas; ten bananas)
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Found shortly after the first Zinger, guarded by two jumping Kritters.
    • O: Guarded by a lone Zinger a short walk after the first bonus stage
    • N: In the secret pass-through area guarded by a Zinger. To access this, one must bring the movable tire shortly after the Star Barrel onto the moving platform, ride it up and jump on the tire, moving right.
    • G: Located above the arrow sign; guarded by three jumping Kritters in a row.
  • Rambi's Animal Token: In a "Stop the Barrel" Bonus stage.

Special Barrels

  • DK Barrels: 4
  • Star Barrel: Found in an area that requires the Kongs to crawl under and use the tire to get to the Star Barrel.

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  • If the player gets Winky, goes back to the bonus stage, opens the Winky crate and places Winky above the exit door and exits themselves, they will appear with Rambi. This seems to be a glitch.

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