Concept art of the Buzzbite

Buzzbites are a purple insect enemy in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They are minor enemies an fairly uncommon, only being seen in a couple levels, them being Vine Valley, Jagged Jewels, where they technically can be killed with a barrel, Perilous Passage, where they are on fire and when they hit the lava, they presumably die, and their final appearance can be made in the Five Monkey Trial, where on the fourth trial you must leap over them while collecting the Banana Coins on a spinning wheel. They spin their four razor-like legs in the motion of a buzz saw. This probably explains their name, indicating that if Donkey Kong makes contact with them, he is cut and bitten.


It would seem that their prime habitat would be the Forest, however, they only appear in the first level of the Forest and are later only seen inside of temples. They can possibly survive in volcanic environments.

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