ExitIsNearSign Castle Crush ExitSign
World K. Rool's Keep
Type Castle
Theme Krooks March

Enemies Encountered Neek, Spiny, Mini-Necky, Zinger, Klampon, Krook, Kutlass, Kruncha
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Castle Crush is the first castle-themed stage in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. This stage is unique in the entire game because it has a floor that will forever continue moving upwards until the player reaches the top. Rambi and Squawks barrels are present in this stage.

This stage, along with Haunted Hall, are the only two stages that do not appear in the remake Donkey Kong Land 2, due to the Game Boy's system limitations. It, instead, had Dungeon Danger replace this stage and has more of a Chain Link Chamber style and Krazy Koaster which replaces Haunted Hall and takes place in an amusement park instead.


Animal Buddies

Special Barrels

  • Bonus Barrels
    • The first bonus stage can be found in a wall with a bunch of bananas that represent an arrow pointing leftward. The player has to use Rambi's special to crack the wall open and get to the bonus stage. The bonus is a Destroy Them All! and they must destroy the Zingers and get the Kremkoin on the top right (near the exit).
    • The second bonus stage can be found in the other wall with a bunch of bananas that represent an arrow pointing leftward. The player will have to get Squawks and go to the no squawks sign so he can turn into a TNT barrel. Then they can use the TNT barrel to explode the wall and enter the second bonus stage. This bonus is a Find The Token! and the player must avoid getting squished by the floor and the walls. There will be some bananas that they can collect in the bonus stage and the Kremkoin is on the top right (near the exit).


  • DK Coin
    • The player must get Squawks to get the DK coin. They will have to fly around quickly before the floor rises and blocks the DK coin until the player sees the 10 bananas together. Then they must go down and get the DK coin.



Main article: Castle Crush Glitch

A fatal glitch can be found on the SNES and Wii U variants of the game, which can corrupt/erase save files and even render the cartridge or ROM permanently unplayable.

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