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DK: King of Swing
Developer(s): Paon
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Release Date: Flag of Europe February 4, 2005
Flag of Australia March 17, 2005
Flag of Japan May 19, 2005
Flag of USA September 19, 2005
Genre Platforming, puzzle
Ratings ESRB: Everyone
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DK: King of Swing is a spin-off game featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The game only uses the Game Boy Advance's L and R buttons, but even with that simplistic design, the game still has surprises hiding around every corner. The main point of the game is to get to the end of the level while collecting bananas and coins and avoiding enemies, while sometimes having to manipulate the level in order to do so. The game also features multiplayer modes including a race mode and a battle mode. It is the predecessor to DK: Jungle Climber.


This game takes place on the Jungle Jam Tournament which is a huge festival in the jungle. Just when Cranky Kong was about to start the festival, King K. Rool ruins it and steals all the Donkey Kong Medals and Donkey Kong and Diddy are told to recover them.DK explores the jungle. DK and Diddy go through temples, caves and jungles, there the apes are arrive at a temple of Congrazuma and win a gold medal. Donkey and Diddy travel to the ranch and go through cactus gardens, mines, canyons, and tornadoes. They are attacked by Fire Necky, DK emerges victorious. The Kongs cross reefs, sunken ships, falls, and water caves.The bannana-loving apes come across Davy Bones,who releases the medal he has after he defeat. DK and his sidekick traverses through a icy tundra where he crosses cold forest, icy canyons, cold ruins, and a ice castle. DK and Diddy arrive at Sassy Squatch's lair who releases the gold medal he had. The apes then flies to the King Kruizer III in search of King K. Rool. DK advancesthrough the Artillery, Hull, and Engine. DK and Diddy confront their ruthless nemeses in a final battle. K. Rool, DK, and Diddy have a climbing race and DK and Diddy win, but K. Rool says that was a warm-up, and they have their real final battle which is a climbing batttle. DK reclaims the final golden DK medal from the KO'd king and takes the medals on K. Rool's hovercraft and flies home and destroys the King Kruizer III as the credits roll. After the credits, Cranky says the Jungle Jam Tournament will now begin and Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, Funky, Wrinkly, and Candy cheer on DK and Diddy's return and victory as the tournament begins. It is secret of who won. 

Game Modes

Diddy Mode differences

  • There is no Tutorial stage.
  • Diddy Kong is being played as.
  • Bananas don't lie out anymore. They can only be obtained by defeating enemies or busting crates.
  • Bonus Barrels and Crystal Coconuts are removed.
  • Diddy Kong can jump a bit higher than Donkey Kong








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