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ExitIsNearSign Deep Reef Grief ExitSign
[[File:Deep Reef Grief Bazza|250px]]
Dixie swimming above a Bazza.
World Great Ape Lakes
Type Coral

Enemies Encountered Bounty Basses, Bazzas, Kocos, Lurchins
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Deep Reef Grief is the twenty first level in Donkey Kong Land III and the third in Great Ape Lakes. It comes after Footloose Falls but before Karbine Kaos.


To complete this level, Dixie and Kiddy have to navigate throughout a series of coral reef while they avoid hundreds of enemies underwater to attack the two monkeys. Along with tricky navigation, there are also all of the underwater enemies whom team up to defeat Dixie and Kiddy. These enemies being Bounty Basses, Bazzas, Lurchins and Kocos. Luckily, the two monkeys have Enguarde to help them out through this level after the Star Barrel so he can defeat enemies with his sharp bill.


  • When any button on the D-pad is pressed three times on the title screen, a demo of Deep Reef Grief is shown after the title screen's music.
  • This level is one of the few level not having a Koin or it needed to be defeated for its DK Coin. Instead, the DK Coin is located elsewhere by itself.

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