These characters are possible siblings of Donkey Kong, and grandchildren to Cranky Kong, and uncles or aunts or parents to Diddy Kong and Baby Kong. Nothing much is known about them family wise. But since Diddy Kong is a monkey and Baby Kong is a Gorilla, one is probably a monkey and the other is probably a gorilla. The names are unknown and the mother is also unknown but their father is Donkey Kong Jr.. It could be that they are half siblings to Donkey Kong and through the mother of Donkey Kong. So Donkey Kong Jr. may be their step father. But there's a 100 percent chance that he is there biological father. Since Diddy Kong and Baby Kong are located on Donkey Kong Island. It is possible that they live there. species: Kong genus: male or female or both family: Diddy Kong(son or nephew) Baby Kong (son or nephew) Donkey Kong(brother) Cranky Kong (grandfather)

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