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Donkey Kong 64
Developer(s): Rareware
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Nintendo 64, Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release Date: Flag of USA November 24, 1999
Flag of Europe December 6, 1999
Flag of Japan December 10, 1999
Genre Platformer
Ratings ESRB: Everyone
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Media 256Mbit (32MB) cartridge
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Donkey Kong 64 (Originally known as Donkey Kong Country 64, Donkey Kong Universe, and Donkey Kong World) is a Nintendo 64 video game developed by Rare. It was published by Nintendo and first released on November 24, 1999. It is a sequel to the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, and is so far the only game in the series without the word "Country" in the title. It received generally positive reviews with an average score of 88% according to GameRankings. [1]

The game requires the use of the Expansion Pak in order to function, and was the first Nintendo 64 game to do so.

The game features a single player (adventure) mode and a multi-player ("Kong Battle") mode.


The game takes place after the events of the Donkey Kong Country series, or to be more specific, Donkey Kong Land 3.

King K. Rool returns in a gigantic mechanical island, with a large weapon called the Blast-O-Matic, in order to destroy Donkey Kong Island. However, due to the incompetence of the crew aboard, the island crashes and the Blast-O-Matic malfunctions. To buy some time, K. Rool has his soldiers capture Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong and Chunky Kong and locks them up. In addition, he has his minions steal Donkey Kong's hoard of Golden Bananas.

Squawks informs Donkey Kong of the disappearance of his hoard and the Kongs and then Donkey tells Cranky about what happened immediately afterwards. After entering Training Barrels under Cranky's command, he is given a potion: Simian Slam. Donkey is also told to acquire fifteen banana medals for a special surprise. Donkey then used his newly-acquired potion to exit the inside of Donkey Kong Island. Unfortunately, every other area outside was blocked, except for an island attached to K. Rool's mechanical island. There, Donkey met K. Lumsy, a gargantuan Kritter who disobeyed the tyrannical king's order to wreck havoc on Donkey Kong Island. When Donkey agreed to free him, K. Lumsy danced in joy and dislodged the boulder on Donkey Kong Island that blocked the first world: Jungle Japes. Donkey then acquired his first Golden Banana. He used this to get past B. Locker, who needed to have a certain number of Golden Bananas shown so he could grant entry. On this occasion, the guardian only needed one.

Once Donkey arrived in Jungle Japes, Squawks informed him to gather loose bananas before going into a Troff n' Scoff Portal. He then set off to find his Golden Bananas. Along the way, he reunited with Funky Kong, who now ran an ammo store, met Snide, the technician of the Blast-O-Matic who was asking for his blueprints on his machine so he could help the Kongs, entered his first Battle Arena and won a crown and rescued Diddy, who assisted him in his loose banana and Golden Banana quest. Afterwards, he entered a Troff n' Scoff portal and exchanged sixty loose bananas in order to fight Army Dillo who held the first key to K. Lumsy's cage.

Donkey and Diddy then returned the first key to K. Lumsy, and this time, the temple that contained the entrance to Angry Aztec was opened. Before they entered, they had to show five Golden Bananas to B. Locker. Inside the world, the duo reunited with Candy, who offered them instruments and a second melon to make their adventure a bit easier. Donkey and Diddy then rescued Tiny and Lanky and collected their Golden Bananas and loose bananas. Diddy then gave away one hundred twenty loose bananas to Troff n' Scoff in order to face off against Dogadon, the second guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The four Kongs returned the second key to K. Lumsy and he lifted a platform and opened a doorway that led to an entrance to Frantic Factory and also opened the gateway to Gloomy Galleon. Before that, Tiny Kong payed a visit to the Banana Fairy, who asked Tiny to retrieve twenty fairies using a magical camera. The four man (or four simian, as the case may be) band had to show fifteen Golden Bananas to B. Locker before access could be granted in Frantic Factory's entrance. There, Lanky freed Chunky and the four did the same thing as usual: gather their loose bananas and find their Golden Bananas. Donkey Kong also had to play the arcade game Donkey Kong twice in order to get a Nintendo Coin, which would become important later on. After that, Tiny Kong gave away two hundred bananas and faced off against Mad Jack, the third guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The Kongs then showed thirty Golden Bananas to B. Locker in the entrance to Gloomy Galleon. The five did the same tasks they had to do in the previous worlds. The Kongs then acquired fifteen banana medals and played the game Jetpac, in order to acquire the Rareware Coin which, like the Nintendo Coin, would be important later on. Lanky would then give 250 bananas to Troff n' Scoff in order to face off Pufftross, the fourth guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The five Kongs then returned to K. Lumsy, who destroyed a boulder that hid a cannon that shot towards a floating island that housed the entrance of Fungi Forest. The group showed fifty Golden Bananas to get past B. Locker. Inside the world, there were two switches that changed the time of day: one for noon, the other for midnight. They were crucial in retrieving certain Golden Bananas and loose bananas. Also, the Kongs received an interesting upgrade from Funky: ammo that could home in on enemies. Chunky then gave away 300 bananas to encounter Dogadon from Angry Aztec, who also held the fifth key to K. Lumsy's cage.

The Kongs then returned to K. Lumsy and he opened the boulder on the side of Donkey Kong Island that housed the entrance to Crystal Caves and dislodged the boulder that contained a cannon that shot towards the entrance of Creepy Castle. The five Kongs then showed sixty-five bananas to B. Locker. Here, the Kongs received their third melon from Candy. The Kongs received their final individual potions. Tiny's Monkeyport ability, given from Cranky, enabled Tiny to use special pads that teleported her into special areas that the others couldn't reach. It was used to stop a rather giant Kosha who was knocking stalactites to hinder the Kongs. Donkey then fed Troff N' Scoff 350 bananas and faced off Army Dillo for the second time.

The Kongs then returned to K. Lumsy and headed to Creepy Castle, where they had to show eighty bananas to B. Locker. This was the largest and most challenging world yet. There was a demon who haunted the tunnels, many undead Kremlings roamed around and some places had echoing laughter. The Kongs also received the last of their upgrades here. All the Kongs then fed Scoff n' Troff 400 bananas to face off against King Kut Out, a cardboard image of King K. Rool that fired lasers.

The five Kongs then finished up collecting items on the island.

The Kongs returned to K. Lumsy and the doorway to Hideout Helm was opened. Unfortunately, K. Rool was aware of his enemy's presence and started up the Blast-o-Matic. Fortunately, in collecting the Blast-o-Matic blueprints, Snide was able to delay the sequence to fifty minutes. This gave the Kongs enough time to shut down the power by beating the challenges. They also collected the banana medals. When the machine was shut down, a door to K. Rool opened. Before they went in, Diddy acquired the final crown from the last arena. The group entered afterwards, but K. Rool fled in the Flying Krock. They acquired the last key with the Nintendo and Rareware Coin. The Kongs also caught the last fairy.

Shorty afterwards, they finally freed K. Lumsy, who explored the island. When he saw the Flying Krock, he followed it out of curiosity. K. Lumsy then tripped over a rock and swatted the getaway vehicle into the island.

The five Kongs find the island's crash site and enter through the bottom. The Kongs then had to beat K. Rool in a boxing match, where the Kongs used their special abilities to beat down K. Rool, with Chunky dealing the final blow. King K. Rool soon fled the arena but was cornered by Candy, Funky and Cranky.

After defeating K. Rool, the Kongs and several friends celebrate the victory at DK's house.

Playable Characters

Donkey Kong

Main article: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the first character the player will be able to play as. Donkey Kong's Bananas, Banana Balloons and Banana Coins are yellow. He is the main character of the game, and because of this, he is the balanced character as far as jumping, running, and strength is concerned. His ammo is coconuts, his instrument is a pair of bongos, his special barrel makes him invincible, his pad lets him play the barrel shooting mini-games, and his miscellaneous ability is pulling levers.

Book description: "He's the only ape who still cares enough to wear a tie. DK may not be the most powerful Kong - or the quickest - but he applies a strong blue-collar work ethic to the business of Kremling Crushing. That may be why he's the leader of the Kong Clan."

Diddy Kong

Main article: Diddy Kong

Diddy can be unlocked by Donkey Kong in Jungle Japes, making him the second playable character. Diddy's Bananas, Banana Balloons, and Banana Coins are all red. He is smaller, faster, and weaker than Donkey Kong. His ammo is peanuts, his instrument is a guitar, his special barrel lets him fly (with a jetpack), his pad lets him jump high by springing on his tail, and his miscellaneous ability is headbutt charging.

Book description: "You'll probably recognize his familiar furry mug from past adventures. A mere bantamweight in bulk, this courageous chimp is the heavyweight champion of hard-core attitude. Whether he's rocking out on a six-stringed, amplified guitar or rocketing through the sky, he's always giving it 100 percent - Diddy Style."

Lanky Kong

Main article: Lanky Kong

Lanky can be unlocked by Donkey Kong in Angry Aztec, making him the third or fourth playable character (depending whether he or Tiny Kong is rescued first). Lanky's Bananas, Banana Balloons, and Banana Coins are all blue. Lanky is the fastest Kong, and has good reach. However, his physical attacks are average. His ammo is grapes, his instrument is a trombone, his miscellaneous ability is handstanding and walking on his hands, his special barrel lets him move extremely quickly while handstanding, and his pad lets him inflate himself and float.

Book's description: "This knuckle-dragging Kong looks like a clown, and it's more than just a coincidence. Think of him as a twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree. Kremlings and Klaptraps may snicker at his goofy gait as he ambles in their direction, but there's nothing funny about a hyper extended sucker punch."

Tiny Kong

Main article: Tiny Kong

Tiny can be unlocked by Diddy Kong in Angry Aztec, making her the third or fourth playable character (depending whether she or Lanky Kong is rescued first). Tiny's Bananas, Banana Balloons, and Banana Coins are all purple. Her physical attacks are quite weak in contrast to the others, however, she can jump high, and is a little quicker. Her ammo is feathers, her instrument is a saxophone, her special barrel lets her shrink, her pad lets her teleport, and her miscellaneous ability is hovering/gliding by spinning her ponytails.

Book description: "Dixie's VERY little sister brings a big dose of flower power to the Kong's campaign. You'll find her pigtails perfect for pugilism and not too bad for a helicopter ride from the treetops. Tiny never shrinks from her responsibilities - even when she shrinks herself physically for a mouse's eye view of the action. "

Chunky Kong

Main article: Chunky Kong

Chunky can be unlocked by Lanky Kong in Frantic Factory, making him the fifth and final playable character. Chunky's Bananas, Banana Balloons, and Banana Coins are all green. Chunky is more slow and has a smaller jump, however, is the largest and most powerful Kong. His ammo is pineapples, his instrument is a triangle, he can turn invisible, become giant, and mega punch among other abilities.

Book's Description: "He's big. He's bad. He plays the triangle. Chunky is something of a primate paradox: brutal when the situation demands it, yet almost meek at other times. He's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he'll need all the help you can give him. If there's heavy lifting to be done, however, Chunky is the Monkey to see."


A Krusha is playable in Donkey Kong 64's multiplayer mode after unlocking him after capturing fifteen Banana Fairies. Also of note, a Klaptrap can be played as in the mini-game "Beaver Bother".


Cranky's Lab

Main article: Cranky's Lab

Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong's father, helps his Kong relatives with secret potions concocted by him himself.

Also, After the player earns at least 15 banana medals and visit Cranky they get to play Jetpac for a Rareware Coin.


  • Simian Slam (Buttus Bashium) - Free
  • Baboon Blast (Barrelum Perilous) - 3 Coins
  • Chimpy Charge (Hurtus Cranium) - 3 Coins
  • Orangstand (Palmus Walkum) - 3 Coins
  • Mini Monkey (Kongum Smallus) - 3 coins
  • Hunky Chunky (Kremlinous Crushum) - 3 Coins
  • Strong Kong (Strongum Kongus) - 5 Coins
  • Rocketbarrel Boost (Boostum Highus) - 5 Coins
  • Baboon Balloon (Baboonus Balloonus) - 5 Coins
  • Pony Tail Twirl (Roundum Roundus) - 5 Coins
  • Primate Punch (Sandwichium Knucklus) - 5 Coins
  • Super Simian Slam (Big Buttus Bashium) - 5 Coins
  • Gorilla Grab (Simium Strainus) - 7 Coins
  • Simian Spring (Leapus Largium) - 7 Coins
  • Orangstand Sprint (Palmus Dashium) - 7 Coins
  • Monkeyport (Warpum Craftious) - 7 Coins
  • Gorilla Gone (Wheresim Gonium) - 7 Coins
  • Super Duper Simian Slam (Bigga Buttus Bashium) - 7 Coins

NOTE: When Cranky teaches a Kong Simian Slam, Super Simian Slam, and Super Duper Simian Slam the other Kongs are taught it also.

Kong Pad Move Barrel Move Special Move
Donkey Kong Baboon Blast
A DK pad that will blast him into the sky to account a Barrel Blast challenge
Strong Kong
Allows DK to be invincible
Gorilla Grab
Allows DK to pull levers
Diddy Kong Simian Spring
A Diddy pad that allows Diddy to jump great heights off his tail
Rocketbarrel Boost
Allows Diddy to fly with a jetpack
Chimpy Charge
Allows Diddy to charge head first into gongs or certain switches
Lanky Kong Baboon Balloon
A Lanky pad that allows Lanky to fill up with hot air and float to unreachable places
Orangstand Sprint
Allows Lanky to run on his hands very fast
Allows Lanky to walk up steep hills or platforms on his hands
Tiny Kong Monkeyport
A Tiny pad that allows her to transport to another Tiny pad
Mini Monkey
Allows Tiny to shrink to a teeny-tiny size to get into small places or passageways
Pony Tail Twirl
Allows Tiny to fly through the air with her ponytails
Chunky Kong Gorilla Gone
A Chunky pad that allows Chunky to become invisible
Hunky Chunky
Allows Chunky to increase in size
Primate Punch
Allows Chunky to use a roundhouse punch that would KO most enemies


Funky Kong helps his Kong friends with their personalized shooters.


  • Shooter Installment - 3 coins
  • Ammo Belt 1 - 3 Coins
  • Homing Ammo - 5 Coins
  • Ammo Belt 2 - 5 Coins
  • Sniper Scope - 7 Coins


  • Coconut Shooter: Donkey Kong
  • Peanut Popguns: Diddy Kong
  • Grape Shooter: Lanky Kong
  • Feather Bow: Tiny Kong
  • Pineapple Launcher: Chunky Kong


Candy Kong, Donkey Kong's girlfriend, owns a Music Store where she is more than happy to aid her fellow Kongs with her Music pad-compatible instruments.


  • Music Installment - Three coins
  • Upgrade 1 - Five coins
  • 3rd Melon and Music Energy - Seven coins
  • Upgrade 2 - Nine coins


  • Bongo Blast: Donkey Kong
  • Guitar Gazump: Diddy Kong
  • Trombone Tremor: Lanky Kong
  • Saxophone Slam: Tiny Kong
  • Triangle Trample: Chunky Kong


Snide is willing to help the Kong Clan if they acquire blueprints to the Blast-O-Matic. Each Kong is assigned their color Blueprint. The blueprints are always gathered after the player defeats a Kasplat. When a Kong hands over a single piece of blueprint to Snide they receive a golden Banana in return. Furthermore, in the game's final area, Hideout Helm, every blueprint returned to Snide will increase the time limit to shut down the Blast-O-Matic (with a base time of 10 minutes and a possible maximum time, if the player returns all of the blueprints to Snide, of 50 minutes). To give the blueprints to Snide, the player must find Snide's HQ in each level.

Kasplats have hair that come in the colors that the blueprints they hold come in. Once the player retrieves the blueprint from the Kasplat, it's hair turns white to signify it's already been beaten.

Yellow Haired Kasplats hold Donkey Kong's blueprints, Red Haired Kasplats hold Diddy Kong's blueprints, Blue Haired Kasplats hold Lanky Kong's blueprints, Purple Haired Kasplats hold Tiny Kong's blueprints, and Green Haired Kasplats hold Chunky Kong's blueprints.

Troff 'N' Scoff

Troff the Pig and Scoff the Hippo guard the doors that lead to the bosses who hold the eight keys to K. Lumsy's cage. By feeding Scoff a certain amount of bananas, it allows Troff to reach the key to open the door. The player would need to feed Scoff more bananas each progressed level and the combined total of all the Kong's bananas can be pertained.

Amounts and Bosses

  • Jungle Japes - 60 bananas to fight Army Dillo
  • Angry Aztec - 120 bananas to fight Dogadon
  • Frantic Factory - 200 bananas to fight Mad Jack
  • Gloomy Galleon - 250 bananas to fight Puftoss
  • Fungi Forest - 300 bananas to fight Dogadon again
  • Crystal Caves - 350 bananas to fight Army Dillo again
  • Creepy Castle - 400 bananas to fight King Kut Out

Rareware Coin

This is one of two coins that opens the door for the last key. In order to get it, the player has to collect fifteen banana medals and go to Cranky's Lab. He will let the player play the Jetpac game for the Rareware Coin. In order to get the coin, 5000 points must be earned. It is recommended that the player stay on the first stage, as it is harder to beat the later stages. Once 5000 points are earned, the player should grab the Rareware coin before dying.

Nintendo Coin

This is the second coin required to open the door to the last key in Hideout Helm. Once the player knows the move Gorilla Grab, they should go to the Donkey Kong Arcade in Frantic Factory and pull the lever to play it. After getting a Golden Banana after playing the first time, Squawks will appear and tell you to play again for 2 coins. The Nintendo Coin should replace Pauline. Once the arcade game is beaten again, the Nintendo Coin will be acquired.

Golden Crowns

In each world there is one battle arena platform, and beating it gets the player a crown. Its usefulness is plentiful. first, the player must collect at least four of them to enter King K. Rool's secret room to retrieve the final key to K. Lumsy's cage. Second, they add to the final percentage score. Finally, the player must have at least one to open the multiplayer modes. There are ten crowns (two crowns on DK Isle, one crown in each of the eight worlds).

Banana Fairy Snap

The player needs to become Tiny and use her Mini Monkey ability to enter Banana Fairy Island. Once the player receives the Banana Camera from the Banana Fairy Queen, they can snap photos of various fairies. A smiley face should appear before the player takes a picture. The fairies will increase the maximum amount of certain items. The number of fairies captured on film will reflect what will be open in Mystery Mode. A total of twenty fairies can be captured (two in each regular level; four in DK Isles). If the player captures all of them, the 21st Golden Banana will be revealed, increasing the player's percentage to 101%.

Animal Transformations

Donkey Kong is the only character who can change into Rambi. Rambi has the power to smash huts and walls with his face on them, as well as kill enemies simply by charging them with his horn. Rambi appears in Jungle Japes, Hideout Helm (one of DK's games), and the unlockable Rambi arena.

In addition, Lanky is the only character who can change into Enguarde. Enguarde's pointy nose can smash open treasure chests and reveal hidden items. He can also leap out of the water. Enguarde appears only in Gloomy Galleon and the unlockable Enguarde arena.

Levels and Golden Bananas

Donkey Kong 64 has eight levels in addition to an overworld and the final boss arena. Along with that, each Kong is obligated to five Golden bananas a level, save for Hideout Helm. There is one bonus Golden Banana Tiny can obtain by snapping all 20 Banana Fairies, making 201 Golden Bananas in all.

Main Areas & their Golden Bananas
DK Isle (Overworld)
Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong Once talking to K. Lumsy, Lumsy will destroy a bolder, revealing the passageway to Jungle Japes and a Golden Banana. On DK's way up to the Frantic Factory lobby, DK can swing on the vines to the platform with the encased Golden banana. DK can then shoot the Target Switch with his coconut shooter to retrieve the Banana. Once DK has learned the Gorilla grab Move, he can pull the lever in the Frantic Factory lobby. Once pulled, DK's bongo music pad will appear and once he plays his bongos on it Squawk will hand over the Golden Banana. After Chunky destroys the ice barrier in the Crystal Caves lobby revealing a lake of lava and a Golden Banana across the lake way, Chunky can use the Tag Barrel to switch to DK and DK can become invincible to retrieve the Golden Banana by using his barrel move: "Strong Kong". DK must get his blueprint from a Kasplat in the Hideout Helm lobby. After that he can cash it in to Snide for a Golden Banana.
Diddy Kong After Lanky preforms his Trombone Tremor and a Diddy Barrel appears in front of the Fungi Forest cabin, Diddy can get his jetpack and fly to the top of the isle to play a Bonus Game for the Golden Banana. The Diddy barrel serves Diddy again and once he can fly, he can fly to the back of the Isle's head to get the Banana trapped inside a cage. He can use his Peanut Popguns on the Target Switch. While on his way up to Frantic factory, Diddy can swing over to an alcove to Snide's HQ. Outside the HQ is a Diddy pad which he can use to spring into another Bonus Game. Once beat he can receive a Golden Banana. In the Crystal Caves lobby, Diddy can use the Diddy Barrel inside to blast to the highest ledge. Once there he can play his guitar and receive a Banana from Squawk after the tune. After DK blasts the Coconut switch, Diddy can go in and attack the Kasplat in the Creepy castle lobby to get his blueprint. He can give it to Snide for a Golden Banana.
Lanky Kong After Chunky rids the Jungle Japes bolder off the Trombone music pad, lanky can play his trombone on the pad and receive his Golden Banana from Squawk. Lanky can use his grape shooter to release the Golden Banana from the barred alcove around the entrance of K. Lumsy's catacomb. After Lanky has learned the OrangSprint, he can Simian Slam his switch in K. Lumsy's cell space and race the clock to retrieve the temporarily freed Golden Banana. Once Chunky demolishes another bolder off of a Lanky Pad in the Creepy Castle lobby, Lanky can float to the top of the lobby's center prison stacks to play a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana. After Chunky brakes the various ice barriers in the Crystal caves lobby, Lanky can go and take his blueprint piece from Kasplat.
Tiny Kong Behind Banana Fairy Island, Tiny can free a Golden Banana from a barred alcove by shooting the feather switch. In the Angry Aztec lobby, after "Chimpy Charging" Diddy on the two gongs, Tiny can ponytail twirl to her Bonus Game. After Chunky Super Simian Slams his switch in the Gloomy Galleon lobby, Tiny can shrink and swim through a tiny hole underwater to a Golden banana. After Tiny has Monkeyport (by using her Kong Pad), she can transport to the tip of King K. Rool's ship and play her sax for a Golden Banana from Squawks. After Chunky demolishes the big "?" box in the Frantic Factory lobby, Tiny can come and get her blueprint from Kasplat.
Chunky Kong Chunky can use his Pineapple launcher to blast a switch near the waterfall at DK Isle to retrieve a trapped Golden banana. After lifting a rock off his Triangle pad near the top of DK Isle, Chunky can play his triangle to receive a Golden Banana from Squawk. After Tiny does her Sax solo on top of K. Rool's ship, a Chunky barrel will appear near Fairy Island. Chunky can then go and become big to slam on the giant "X" to blast a rock containing a Golden Banana. In the Hideout Helm lobby, Chunky can turn invisible by landing on his Kong pad and swing over to a Bonus Game to receive a Golden Banana. Chunky can eradicate the Kasplat in the entrance of the Gloomy Galleon Lobby to get his blueprint.
Jungle Japes


Banana 1

Banana 2

Banana 3

Banana 4


Donkey Kong

After DK climbs to where Diddy is caged, he will find a Golden Banana for the taking.

After shooting the coconut switches on Diddy's cell and freeing him, DK will receive a Golden Banana

After DK turns into Rambi the Rhino and recovers the DK switch, he can Simian Slam it to race for his Golden Banana near the entrance to the main jungle area.

Towards the entrance to the main jungle area (above the giant bolder), DK can Baboon Blast to a Barrel Blast challenge (Once he's learned the Baboon Blast from Cranky). Once completed successfully, DK will receive a Golden Banana.

In the entrance by the large bolder, DK's blueprint can be obtained by demolishing Kasplat.

Diddy Kong

After Diddy shoots two peanut switches in the cave leading to the main jungle area, Diddy can go in the alcove and snag the Golden Banana.

After DK (as Rambi the Rhino) destroys all the huts near Cranky's Lab, Diddy's switch appears under one of the huts. Diddy can Simian Slam it to race towards the temporarily freed Golden Banana by Funky's Armory.

after hitting a switch in a cave near the number 2 banannaport,go to the top of the cave

Diddy's Mine Cart challenge is inside the giant tree mine. In the mine cart challenge, Diddy needs to collect at least 50 Coins to get the Golden Banana.

Diddy's Kasplat is in the Bananaporter 3's cave. Once obtained, Diddy can cash it into Snide to get a Golden Banana.

Lanky Kong

After uncovering Lanky's switch using DK as Rambi, Lanky can Simian Slam his switch and race to his Golden banana by the cannon across from Funky's Amory.

By using his Orangstand, Lanky can go up the steep slant by Cranky's area and play a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana.

After Diddy opens the alcove in the cave that leads to Jungle Japes' main area, Lanky can shoot his Grape switch and free a Bonus Barrel and play to get a Golden Banana.

After Diddy frees the cave by Diddy's Kasplat with the peanut switch, Lanky can Orangstand up the hill and blast the bees inside to free a Golden Banana.

Lanky's Kasplat is by the Bonus barrel near Cranky's Area. Lanky can get the blueprint and Snide will give him a Golden Banana.

Tiny Kong

In the alcove Diddy freed in the cave by the main entrance to Jungle Japes, Tiny can shoot the feather switch to free a Bonus game for a Golden Banana.

After Rambi the Rhino (DK) frees the Tiny Switch, she can race to her Golden Banana near the alcove by the main water area by using her Simian Slam on the switch.

By jumping into her barrel, Tiny can shrink and hop into a small trunk and collect the Golden Banana.

Tiny can shrink once more and go into a tiny beehive near her barrel. She can then go through the many rooms and up a flight a rivited stairs to another Golden Banana.

Tiny's Kasplat is right diagonal from DK's Kasplat. She can destroy him for a blueprint which can be traded for a Golden Banana from Snide.

Chunky Kong

Chunky can destroy the big bolder in the main Jungle area and it will labor a Golden Banana.

Once the boulder's gone, Chunky can Simian Slam the giant "X" under it and go down into a catacomb. He can make his way down a narrow path, blast the right pineapple switch (the statue's left eye) and swing to the Golden Banana.

Chunky can lift a bolder in the mileway after DK has rammed (as Rambi) into the giant Rambi wall blocking his Switch. He can Simian Slam it, then race to his Golden Banana near Snide's HQ.

Once Chunky's learned Hunky Chunky, he can use his barrel move and jump to a Barrel bonus Game near the beehive.

Chunky's Kasplat on the left side after you shoot the statue's right eye. Chunky can swing to claim his blueprint.

Bonus Barrel Games

  • Speedy Swing Sortie: Climb the trees and swing from vine to vine to collect all the coins.
  • Mad Maze Maul: Defeat all of the enemies in the maze, then head for the finish line.
  • Splish Splash Salvage: Swim down and collect all the coins in the barrel.
  • Minecart Mayhem: Avoid the TNT carts on the track by switching lanes when they come close to you.
  • Stealthy Snoop: Sneak through the maze without getting caught to the finish line.
  • Teetering Turtle Trouble: Turtles are spinning around on the snakes' tails. To keep them spinning, shoot melons at the snakes' mouths. If a turtle falls, the game is over.
  • Big Bug Bash: Use a fly swatter to swat the required number of flies within the time limit.
  • Kremling Kosh: Shoot the Kremlings that pop out of the barrels. Regular Kremlings are worth one point, and red ones are worth two points. Shoot the required number before time runs out to win the game.
  • Peril Path Panic: Shoot melons at the Klaptraps to subdue them so that the Banana Fairies can safely cross to the other side.
  • Beaver Bother: The player controls a Klaptrap and tries to chase the Gnawties into the hole in the center of the barrel. The player must be careful not to fall into the hole themselves, or they will automatically lose the game. The player is able to jump while being the Klaptrap though.
  • Batty Barrel Bandit: Stop the four reels of the slot machine on four bananas to earn a point. Earn the required number of points to win the game.
  • Stash Snatch: Collect all the coins in the maze, then head for the finish line.
  • Searchlight Seek: Using a spotlight, the player has to find and shoot the Klaptraps.
  • Busy Barrel Barrage: Use your shooter to blast the Kremlings. If you let one reach you, you lose.
  • Krazy Kong Klamour: The lights will repeatedly turn on & off. When they turn on, shoot the Golden Banana. Avoid hitting any of the Kongs, because if you do, you'll lose one point.


In this multiplayer mode, players must try to get the highest score out of their opponents. Up to four players can play at one time and have a character choice of Donkey, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny or Chunky. It is also possible to play as a Krusha if you have photographed fifteen Banana Fairies in story mode.

Game Modes

There are two different multiplayer games available, Monkey Smash and Battle Arena. Monkey Smash consists of a choice of two large tactical arenas where the players are in split-screen mode and must try to beat their opponents in different game types. The Battle Arena is a small single-screen arena where players again must beat the other player in the game mode. However, they must do this without falling off the arena as it appears as a large floating coin.

Monkey Smash

  • Survival: Last player standing is the winner.
  • Coin Hoard: The player with the most coins at the end of the time limit is the winner.
  • Wins: The first player to reach a target number of monkey smashes wins.
  • Time: The player with the most monkey smashes at the end of the time limit wins.
  • Capture: The player holding the DK Coin at the end of the time limit is the winner.
  • Capture Pad: Try to activate the pads while holding the DK Coin. The first player to activate all the pads wins.

Battle Arena

  • Wins: The first player to score the required amount of ring outs is the winner.
  • Coin Hoard: The player with the most coins at the end of the time limit is the winner.
  • Survival: The player who survives the longest wins.
  • Capture: The player holding the DK coin at the end of the time limit is the winner.
  • Time: The player with the most ring outs at the end of the time limit wins.

A selection of items will appear at random during the Battle Arena game. When collected, they will have different results. Some are good, while others are not.

Battle Arena Items

  • Blue Banana: This freezes one of your opponents temporarily.
  • Yellow Banana: This will speed you up temporarily.
  • Orange: Sends a big shockwave over the arena.
  • Crystal: Will make you very big.
  • Crate: Gives you five ammo for your gun.
  • Question Mark: Will do one of the above randomly; may sometimes do something bad, such as make you very small, slow you down, or reverse the controls.








  • The reason why the game requires an Expansion Pack is due to a game-breaking bug which causes it to crash unexpectedly. The cause of the bug is unknown.
  • This game's box art shows that Chunky Kong has dark brown eyes.
  • This is the first game without Dixie Kong being seen, mentioned, or playable; she is instead replaced by her younger sister Tiny Kong, who shares a slight resemblance and has the same chemistry with Diddy Kong.
  • This game's pictures suggest that Diddy Kong has blue eyes even though his eyes are black on the box, in the game, or any other game he's appeared in.
  • This game's box art shows all five Kongs riding in a Mine Cart. However, only Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Chunky Kong, ride Mine Carts in the game.
  • The characters have voices in the game's opening scene (the characters that speak are two Kremlings, King K. Rool (his voice is extremely menacing in contrast to lighthearted nature of the game), and one Klump), but only speak in speech bubbles in the rest of the game. This could mean rare orignally intended the characters to have voice actors instead of speech bubbles.
  • Two of Diddy Kong's special moves in Super Smash Bros. Brawl originate in this game (specifically his Rocketbarrel Boost and Peanut Popgun). Diddy's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl features him using both moves simultaneously, a combo which is also possible in this game. Donkey Kong's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl also involves the use of his bongos, which first appeared in this game.
  • There is a strange picture of a frog at the level, Angry Aztec. However, seeing this picture has nothing to do with the plot of the game.
  • In the beta version when first start the game, inside of DK's home is a picture of Banjo-Kazooie.
  • The rap song in the intro has striking similarities between Run-D.M.C.'s 1983 hit "It's Like That".
  • In Frantic Factory, the original arcade machine makes an appearance, instead of it being a minigame for Cranky Kong.
  • The weapons used in the game were originally going to be actual weapons, evidence of this is in early footage of the game where it has Donkey Kong with a double-barreled shotgun and Diddy with 2 pistols. But because this is a game for children, Rare feared that this would give the game a rating that it doesn't deserve, the weapons were altered and were given appropriately looking weapons made of wood and shoot fruit.
  • The DK Rap contains the word hell, despite it being an E rated game. This is due to the fact that in Britain, the word hell is not considered vulgar (Rare is a British company). In later versions of the game, hell was changed into heck, although the game this version of the song was featured in (Super Smash Bros. Melee) was rated T.
  • Each Kong has a different color coding, meaning they can collect only the banana coins of that color. Donkey Kong collects yellow bananas, Diddy collects red, Lanky collects blue, Tiny collects purple, and Chunky collects green.
  • Donkey Kong 64 Never Got a Remake for the Nintendo 3DS Some Fans Do want to see this Game get a Remake in the Future so it is Unknown if it Will ever Happen.

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