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Donkey Kong Wiki is for official information from the Donkey Kong series. Rumors are discouraged, and may be reverted. This may include unconfirmed details about upcoming games and products, which should not be added unless there is reliable evidence to support the claim.

If somebody has removed information you have added because they believe it is a rumour or otherwise incorrect, try to add a reference to back it up - copy and paste the url of the website where you read the information, for example. This allows other users to check the facts the same way you did. If the information is still removed, it may be because the source of the information is not reliable, in which case you should try to find another source.

You can add the reference in any way you like and other users will format it properly, but the best way is to use ref tags. To add a ref tag to an article, simply type <ref>[Link to source here.]</ref>. If you need help with this, see Help:Citing sources or ask an administrator.

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