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ExitIsNearSign Foggy Fumes ExitSign
World Factory
Type Silhouette

Enemies Encountered
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Foggy Fumes is the first stage of the Factory in Donkey Kong Country Returns. This is one of only three stages in the game where everything is a silhouette against the background, the others being Sunset Shore and Smokey Peak. In this stage, however, the background was gray, while in Sunset Shore it was orange, and in Smokey Peak it was red. The three share similar music, however. Once this stage is completed, fans will turn on in the factory, blowing all the smoke away. There is also a cameo of Mr. Game-and-Watch hammering at a pipe in the background. It is preceded by Thugly's Highrise and followed by Slammin' Steel.



  • Barrels: 3
    • DK Barrels: 2
    • Wooden Barrels: 1
  • Banana Coins: 7
  • Hearts: 4

K-O-N-G Letters

Puzzle Pieces

Time Attack Medals

  • Gold: 1:19:00
  • Silver: 1:36:00
  • Bronze: 1:54:00



Donkey Kong Country Returns ~ World 7-1 (Foggy Fumes) Puzzle Piece K-O-N-G Letters Guide04:47

Donkey Kong Country Returns ~ World 7-1 (Foggy Fumes) Puzzle Piece K-O-N-G Letters Guide

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