Frozen Tomato
Frozen Tomato
Frozen Tomato.
Leader King K. Rool
Homeland Crystal Caves
Origin of Species Tomato
Notable Frozen Tomatos Killer Tomato
Affiliations Lanky Kong
Games Donkey Kong 64

Frozen Tomato is a Killer Tomato that is all covered with icicles and is ice cold and also resides in an igloo in Crystal Caves in the game Donkey Kong 64. He and Lanky Kong play a picture game.


  • The tiles that Lanky flips over is Donkey Kong's initials seen on this trademark tie DK wears.
  • Also, the tiles the Frozen Tomato flips over is King K. Rool's face.
        Cranky Complaining "You have to do better than that! Still got you beat, hunh?! "
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