Funky's Armory DK64

Outside Funky's Store (Jungle Japes)


A screenshot of the Store.

Funky's Store, also called Funky's Armory, is a place where the Kongs can buy weapons and weapon-related upgrades in Donkey Kong 64. The music and atmosphere of the shop resemble an army surplus store, as does the design of its owner, Funky Kong.


All weapons cost 3 coins and hold up to 50 ammo, and are available as soon as the Kongs first visit Funky's Store:


  • Ammo Belt 1 - Allows the Kongs to hold 100 of their weapons' ammo. This upgrade costs 3 coins, and is accessible starting in Frantic Factory.
  • Homing Ammo - Allows the Kongs to use Homing ammo, which causes their shots to home in on enemies; 10 homing ammo can be carried at a time. This upgrade costs 5 coins, and is accessible starting in Fungi Forest.
  • Ammo Belt 2 - Allows the Kongs to hold 200 of their weapons' ammo, and 20 homing ammo. This upgrade costs 5 coins, and is accessible starting in Crystal Caves.
  • Sniper - Allows the Kongs to see farther in the distance while shooting in first-person, and allows their shots to go farther before disappearing. This upgrade costs 7 coins, and is accessible starting in Creepy Castle.


If a Kong visits Funky's Store while having less than the maximum amount of ammo, he will increase their ammo to the maximum.


  • This is the first time in any Donkey Kong game that Funky has run a shop that does not involve transportation. 

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