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Ghastly King
Aliases Cactus King
Residence The Fruit Kingdoms
Species Kong

Powers/Abilities Super Strength,
Super Endurance,
Mind Control,
Supernatural Powers
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Ghastly King was the horrifying and dreadful evil ruler of The Fruit Kingdoms before he was overthrown by Donkey Kong, and the final boss of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He is a Cactus King look-a-like in the game. Ghastly King is fought the same way as Cactus King.

Before reaching him, Donkey Kong must go through the same exact level he went through to fight Cactus King. However, this time, it is much harder. Ghastly King was also harder, having a few more attacks.

It looks as if he put a spell on the Kong kings because, after defeating him, Dread Kong, Ninja Kong, Karate Kong and Sumo Kong celebrate Ghastly King's defeat and don't attack Donkey Kong, but cheer him on instead.

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