Glower the Tadpole
A Glower screenshot from Donkey Kong 64
Full Name Glower the Tadpole
Aliases Kong Family
Residence Gloomy Galleon
Family Unknown
Species Tadpole
Gender Male
Affiliates Kong Family
Powers/Abilities Lighting up dark areas
Enemies Kremling Krew
Games Donkey Kong 64

Glower the Tadpole is an unplayable Animal Buddy that appears in Donkey Kong 64 found only in the level Gloomy Galleon. He lights up dark areas like Glimmer the Anglerfish does to help the Kongs navigate throughout the level. His real name was never mentioned; "Glower" is a fan-made name that has become widely adopted since its creation. He is found in the two sunken ships in the bottom of Gloomy Galleon.

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