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ExitIsNearSign Jagged Jewels ExitSign
World Cave
Type Cavern
Animal Buddies None
Bonus level(s)
Puzzle Pieces {{{puzzle pieces}}}
Notable features Last level of the world Cave.
Enemies encountered Tiki Goons
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns
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Jagged Jewels is the twenty-eighth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and is the sixth and final level in the world Cave. As it is a secret level, as all of the K-O-N-G Letters in Cave must be collected to unlock it.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:10:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:30:00 for silver, and a time of 1:50:00 for bronze.


As the name suggests, this level features many sharp spikes whom appear to be covered in the skin of a quartz. These spikes can be found on or around every platform in this level. Most of the spikes are located inside square-shaped platforms, sticking out occasionally to attack Donkey and Diddy, but some also revolve around platforms shaped like hemispheres too. Other times, these spikes quickly orbit around cylinder platforms on which tilt and spin that may smash the monkeys if the two are not on the lookout. Other than spikes, the hazards in this level include enemies such as Tiki Goons.

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