K. Kruizer III

K. Kruizer III

The King Kruizer III is King K. Rool's transportation and third of his series of his K. Kruizers. K. Rool uses this to make a clean getaway from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong or to use it to take over the world, but DK and Diddy sabotage it just like the other series. It first appeared in DK: King of Swing. After King K. Rool stole all the medals from DK and his pals, he escaped to the K. Kruizer III unknown about the medals falling out of his hovercraft. After DK and Diddy defeated Sassy Squatch, they trekked through the parts of the ship until they reached the bridge and confronted the king in a final battle. After K. Rool was defeated twice, the DK and Diddy destroyed the cruiser as it crashes, they take the medals home on his hovercraft.

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