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Map K3 Map
Number of Levels 5
Boss(s) Bleak
Brothers Bear's House Blizzard's Basecamp
Banana Bird Cave Glacial Grotto

K3 is a large snowy mountain range from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is the fifth world in the game. The boss of this area is the evil snowman Bleak who resides in the north-east edge of the mountain, oddly enough his part of the mountain looks like a giant angry face.


Krevice Kreepers

Dixie and Kiddy will journey up to the first cliffside level to avoid the deadly Klasps at all costs.

Tearaway Toboggan

In this second snowy level, the Kongs will ride on the sled, like from Demolition Drain-Pipe, the bash enemies or avoid any dangerous obstacles.

Barrel Drop Bounce

This is the third and final waterfall area. Throughout the level, barrels fall down from the waterfall making useful platforms to climb to the top of the finish. A crate from Diddy's Kong Quest makes its only appearance in the level.

Krack-Shot Kroc

This is the third and final level taking place in a factory. Squitter the Spider takes the majority of this level to defeat enemies and to avoid a Crosshair aiming at Squitter every step of the way until the end of the level.

Lemguin Lunge

This is the third and final snowy level. The level is moderately easy, albeit the level is infested with sledding Lemguins, their only appearance in the game. Lemguins are a cross between a lemming and a penguin. They are also vulnerable to the Kongs' jump attacks.

Bleak's House

In this boss level, the Kongs must toss snowballs at Bleak's face, far or near, and avoid Bleak's snowball cannon attack. The blue dot by the left of the screen indicates how far you throw the snowball comparing to which buttons you press on the control pad.


The name K3 is a reference to K2, a peak in the Chinese Himalayas that is the second highest mountain on Earth.

Brothers Bear's House and Banana Bird Cave


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