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ExitIsNearSign King of Cling ExitSign
Donkey clinging onto the grass part of the wheel.
World Jungle
Type Jungle
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Stages 1
Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies Encountered Awks, Frogoons, Chomps, Tiki Zings
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

King of Cling is the second stage in Jungle and Donkey Kong Country Returns and its port, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. This stage comes after Jungle Hijinxs and before Tree Top Bop.


This stage is another jungle stage and has the tutorial on clinging clinging onto green grassy turfs. This skill is also the major thing in the stage which is needed to be used to go throughout the stage and complete it. There are also bouncy flowers, spikes and dandelions revealing hidden items in this stage. Aside that, twelve Awks, fifteen Chomps, three Frogoons and two Tiki Zings appear as the enemy threats in the stage.

The King of Cling puzzle is of a pineapple with a light blue background. When all of the pieces are collected, the Frogoon drawing will be added to the Critters 1 gallery of the Image Gallery.



K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: Jumping right to the first DK Barrel.
  • O: In the middle of two rope bridges, there should be a yellow plant. Ground pound it to reveal a auto fire barrel and go into the background. Two spinning wheels should give access to the "O".
  • N: After the two spinning wheels on the way up, on the wall, climb down above the spikes and the letter "N" should be viewable.
  • G: In the area with many bouncy plants before the end, a lone Tiki Zing should be patrolling the letter "G".

Puzzle Pieces

  • 1: Go forward right after collecting the "K" letter.
  • 2: Climb on the first spinning wheel and go left until a secret area is revealed to have the piece.
  • 3: After the spinning wheel, there should be a platform. Jump off it to the right and reveal a secret area with the piece.
  • 4: In a bonus room, found by climbing up the area with the letter "O".
  • 5: Guarded by a large Chomps. On a climbable surface shortly before the checkpoint there is a yellow plant housing the fifth puzzle piece.
  • 6: Hiding in a suspiciously large rock area which must be walked into, found in the climbing upwards section.
  • 7: Where there is a large red bouncy plant above a wheel, going to the right into a rock should reveal a piece.

Time Attack Medals

  • Gold: 1:21:00
  • Silver: 1:36:00
  • Bronze: 2:16:00



Donkey Kong Country Returns ~ World 1-2 (King of Cling) Puzzle Piece K-O-N-G Letters Guide03:51

Donkey Kong Country Returns ~ World 1-2 (King of Cling) Puzzle Piece K-O-N-G Letters Guide

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