Barrel donkey

Kong Barrels have so far only appeared in Donkey Kong 64. It contains the barrel moves Cranky can teach to each Kong. Once a Kong hops into this barrel, Crystal Coconuts are the only thing that can keep its move alive.

  • Strong Kong is Donkey Kong's barrel and allows him to be invincible.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost is Diddy Kong's barrel and allows him to fly for as long as his Crystal Coconuts last.
  • OrangSprint is Lanky Kong's barrel and allows him to run on his hands very fast.
  • Mini-Monkey is Tiny Kong's barrel and allows her to shrink to a teeny-tiny size to get into small places or passageways.
  • Hunky Chunky is Chunky Kong's barrel and allows him to grow many times his own size and increases his strength many times.

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