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The Kong Family (also known as the Kong Klan and the DK Crew) is the name of all of Donkey Kong

The Kong Family

's family and friends. Though they share the same last name, not all of them are related to one another but instead the name is a sign of their union as a species, tribe and/or clan; thus, membership appears to be earned. They are always at odds with the evil Kremling Krew, who are always attempting to steal their Banana Hoard or kidnap them. In some games, they are playable or supporting characters.

List of members of the Kong Family

DK Clan

Kong Family's symbol

  • Candy Kong - Donkey Kong's girlfriend.
  • Chunky Kong - Kiddy Kong's older brother, Dixie and Tiny Kong's cousin.
  • Cranky Kong - Wrinkly Kong's widower and elder of the Kongs. He is the original "Donkey Kong" from the 1981 Arcade game of the same name.
  • Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong's nephew.Dixie Kong's boyfriend
  • Dixie Kong - Tiny Kong's older sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong's cousin, and Diddy Kong's girlfriend
  • Donkey Kong - Cranky and Wrinkly Kong's son, Diddy Kong's uncle and best friend, Candy Kong's boyfriend and the ruler of DK Island.
  • Donkey Kong Jr./Baby Donkey Kong -Implied to be the current Donkey Kong or his father.
  • Funky Kong - Donkey Kong's brother and friend of the Kongs.
  • Kiddy Kong - Chunky Kong's little brother, as well as Dixie and Tiny Kong's cousin.
  • Lanky Kong - Distant Cousin, described by Cranky as "a twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree".
  • Swanky Kong - Direct relation unknown (possibly a cousin of some sort to Donkey Kong).
  • Tiny Kong - Dixie Kong's younger sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong's cousin.
  • Wrinkly Kong - Cranky Kong's now deceased wife and Donkey Kong's grandmother.
  • Dread Kong- Ruler of the Banana Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
  • Karate Kong- Ruler of the Pineapple Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
  • Ninja Kong- Ruler of the Durian Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
  • Sumo Kong- Ruler of the Star Fruit Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Former Members

The villainous Manky Kongs used to be members of the Kong Family, but were kicked out of the family for being too mischievous. As a result, they are also described as "Kong reject orangutans". They are drastically different in appearance from the Kongs. Another species of evil primates known as Minkeys may or may not be former members of the Kong Family.

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