"Ha ha ha! Yes, Tiny, we meet again. I'm going to crush you and squash you like a delicious little pancake! Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
—Giant Kosha, Donkey Kong 64
Kosha 1
Full Name {{{full name}}}
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Residence Crocodile Isle
Family Kremling family
Species Kremling
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Affiliates Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Large spiked club
Enemies Kong family
Games Donkey Kong 64
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Koshas are small Kremlings that appeared only in Donkey Kong 64. Unlike most Kremlings, they were brown, and also wore horned Viking-esque helmets. Also unique was their method of attack; they carried around gigantic, spiked clubs, too heavy even for the huge Kosha's, which they attempted to smash the Kongs with. If the club hit any the Kongs when fighting, two melon slices would be taken away from their health meter. If the club missed, the Kosha would struggle to lift it again for a moment.

Kosha's were too powerful even for Chunky Kong to defeat; the only ways to defeat them were to use the selected Kong's instrument, or their special power which they gained from the Banana Fairy Queen (the shockwave attack). They were also vulnerable to orange grenades if they were thrown when the Kosha is off guard. Kosha's were relatively rare, and appeared in Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest (at night), Crystal Caves, and Creepy Castle.

A gigantic Kosha was stationed in an area near the top of the cavern in Crystal Caves. Every once in a while, the club-toting fiend would smash the ceiling of the cave, creating violent tremors that sent boulders and stalactite deposits raining down from the ceiling. He was eventually defeated, which stopped the avalanches for good.


  • Koshas are, in several ways similar to Kutlass, as both are small Kremlings who carry large weapons too big for them to handle. However the Kosha is much harder to defeat than the Kutlass.
  • Koshas looks like the most younger Crocodiles of the Kremlings.
  • The name is a reference to the word "cosh", a type of small club.
  • Kosha's are the only enemies in Donkey Kong 64 to deal more than one watermelon piece of damage to the Kongs.