Kremling Krew

Kremling Krew symbol

The Kremling Krew are the antagonist group of the Donkey Kong series.

They are an organization of Kremlings and other creatures who rival the Kongs and constantly steal their Banana Hoard. It is unknown why this rivalry between the Kongs and Kremlings exists, but it could simply be based on the fact that in nature, crocodiles (who the Kremlings are based on) may eat monkeys / apes (who the Kongs are based on).

They are led by King K. Rool, a leader so cruel that he even seems to strike fear on his own Kremlings. Leadership as Klump and Kalypso, members are commanded and supervised. Guards as Krusha, Kudgel and Klubba; the organization have strong safety. Kritters are the eternal grunts of organization in which they do any work in the schemes.

The Kremling Krew begins its fall when is expelled from Donkey Kong Island by DK and Diddy, but the biggest ruin of organization is the Crocodile Isle destruction marking the end of K. Rool's rule.

Months ago, Kremlings remnants were forced to withdraw to the Northern Kremisphere where had industrial bases in Mekanos and K3. Kuff 'n' Klout for example are the K. Rool's secret minions in which they were not among the remnants.