Map Lake Orangatanga Map
Boss(es) Belcha
Brothers Bear's House Barnacle's Island (SNES)
Bachelor Pad (GBA)
Banana Bird Cave Smuggler's Cove
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (GBA)

Lake Orangatanga is the first area of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is a lake with boardwalks and fertile land as well. The lake is actually swimmable, which is very different from previous Donkey Kong Country games, where the Kongs were restricted to a set path (though the other land areas outside of the lake here are on set paths). The very top right of the area appears to be on a snowy cliff, which is odd because the environment around a lake is usually warm.

Adjacent worlds

Backward: Lost World (DKC 2)

Forward: Kremwood Forest


Lakeside Limbo

Main article: Lakeside Limbo

The first level of Lake Orangatanga takes place on a boardwalk. Kongs can use team-up early in the level to reach the above area for bonuses. This level is pretty basic, it's a long walk across the boardwalk, with a few enemies to defying them. There are a few swimming areas as well. Noticeably missing is Rambi, who, unlike the previous two games, does not appear in the level at all (nor the game), instead Elephant being found in the latter half of the level.

Doorstop Dash

Main article: Doorstop Dash

The second level of Lake Orangatanga is a mill level. At the beginning of the level, a metal, unbreakable door greets the Kongs. Jump onto the nearly lever to lower it, and quickly run through the opened door before it closes. The rest of the level is fairly the same, with Dixie and Kiddy needing to jump onto the levers and dash to the temporarily opened door, they having to race to the door, with different obstacles trying to prevent them.

Shallow Water Pond

Shallow Water Pond is a level exclusive to the GBA version of DKC 3. It could possibly take place between between Wrinkly's Save cave (SNES version) or Cranky's Dojo (GBA version) and before the level "Tidal Trouble." Shallow Water Pond is west of Barnacle's Island (SNES version) or Bachelor Pad (GBA version) and would be the first oceanic like water level in the game. Enemies involved include Kocos, Lurchins and a Koin.

Tidal Trouble

Main article: Tidal Trouble

Another boardwalk level, Tidal Trouble will start off with a Koin early in the level. Use team-up to grab the Steel Keg above the left platform and score the DK Coin. This level, as the name suggests, has a lot of water areas. The tide is going to the left, the opposite direction the Kongs are trying to go for the end. Note a secret Enguarde Animal Barrel located after finding the "O" KONG letter, in a small corner in the water area to the left.

Skidda's Row

Main article: Skidda's Row

The first snow level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, Skidda's Row is home to icy and slippery terrain, with Skiddas skidding along. They are quite bothersome, and are found many times in the level. There are slopes and a few pits located in parts of the level as well. Bonus Barrels are fairly easy to find, as they are in plain sight in the level.

Murky Mill

As the level name suggests, this level takes place inside a mill. Hop onto the platform to rise and find an Ellie barrel. Turn into Ellie and proceed through the level as normal. Sneeks are common here. As the Kongs are going through the level, they will notice lights in the factory. If Ellie so much as sees a Sneek under the light, he will get very scared and run, in fear. Elephants are infamously afraid of mice, and Ellie is no exception. Use the respawning barrels to defeat the, before they come within sight. Most of the level is like this, with Ellie needing to carry a barrel to defeat the Sneeks. It is impossible to advance without getting rid of the Sneek's threat.

Belcha's Barn

Main article: Belcha

The first boss level of the game, Belcha's Barn is, contrary to the name, an area inside a mill, with Belcha, of course, awaiting them. Belcha is a giant barrel, apparently living and angry working for Baron K. Roolenstein. He burps often, usually burping out a bug enemy, that can be jumped on to render it helpless, and thrown into Belcha's open mouth. This will make him go backwards, and repeat the process until the battle's over.

Brothers Bear's House and Banana Bird Cave


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