Mario Tennis N64

Box art

Mario Tennis for the N64 was Mario's second tennis game. This game has two Donkey Kong characters and fourteen Mario characters. Each player has a special strength that they use in gameplay.

Playable characters


  • Mario (All Around)
  • Luigi (All Around)
  • Peach (Technique)
  • Baby Mario (Speed)
  • Yoshi (Speed)
  • Donkey Kong (Power)
  • Paratroopa (Tricky)
  • Wario (Power)
  • Waluigi (Technique)
  • Daisy (Technique)
  • Toad (Technique)
  • Birdo (Speed)
  • Bowser (Power)
  • Boo (Tricky)




  • Hard Court (Ball Speed:Normal Bounce:Strong)
  • Clay Court (Ball Speed:Slow Bounce:Weak)
  • Grass Court (Ball Speed:Fast Bounce:Weak)
  • Composition Court (Ball Speed:Fastest Bounce:Normal)
  • Open Court (Ball Speed:Normal Bounce:Normal)*


  • Mario Bros. Court (Ball Speed:Fast Bounce:Weak)
  • Baby Mario & Yoshi Court (Ball Speed:Fastest Bounce:Weak)
  • Wario & Waluigi Court (Ball Speed:Slow Bounce:Strongest)
  • Donkey Kong Court (Ball Speed:Fast Bounce:Strongest)
  • Mario & Luigi Court (Ball Speed:Fast Bounce:Normal)
  • Birdo & Yoshi Court (Ball Speed:Slow Bounce:Strong)
  • Piranha Court (Ball Speed:Normal Bounce:Normal)**

Notes: * = Only available in special game mode ** = Only available in the Piranha Challenge

Converting Mario Tennis (GBC) data

There is a way where you can convert the data from the GBC game into this game. Therefore you can get some guest characters in your roster. You will need a cable for this.

See Also

Mario Tennis (GBC)




  • This is the only Mario Tennis game where Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. are both playable.

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