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Mole train

Donkey Kong bashing the moles heads.

Mole Train is the boss level of the world Cave in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is a large train with 5 carts and a drill-bearing train at the front. It is manned by several Moles who are being controlled by Ukelele. After three rounds of fighting moles, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will fight Mole Miner Max (the real boss) who, when defeated, will allow them to move on to the Forest. Some are voiced by Ian Loma, some are voiced by Kaylan Bachica.


  • When Max is hypnotized by Ukelele in the beginning cutscene, the way his head turns to face the Kongs as the camera zooms toward him is a parody of the Internet meme and YouTube sensation, Dramatic Chipmunk.
  • This boss is very similar to Hard Hat, another mole boss from Donkey Kong Land for the Gameboy.

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