A Nemo from Donkey Kong Land
Leader K. Rool
Homeland Nautilus Chase
Origin of Species Chambered Nautilus

Affiliations Kremlings, King K. Rool
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Land

Nemos are enemies that only appear in Donkey Kong Land and are nautilus-like enemies. They only appear in the stage Nautilus Chase, which is a stage in the world Kremlantis. They are large shelled creatures.

Nemos chase the Kongs throughout the stage, contrary to Croctopus, which follow a set path. As soon as the Kongs pass by, the Nemos awaken from their slumber, then attack. The Nemo will then follow behind them at a fast pace through the stage. They cannot be killed and move quite fast in tight spaces, making them sometimes difficult to avoid. Eventually, it will stop following the Kongs and cuddle back up in the coral. They are the Croctopi's equal in Donkey Kong Land.

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