Orange Grenades are basic weapons from Donkey Kong 64. They appear in every world. In appearance, Orange Grenades look like oranges with a pin similar to those found on real grenades on the top. To throw an Orange Grenade, hold the Z button and press the right C button. This can only be done if the Kongs have at least one Orange Grenade. The Kongs can also throw Orange Grenades while in midair. Klumps and Mecha-Zingers can throw grenades, though they are green in color instead of orange.

Cranky's Training Barrel

Orange Grenade TrnBrl

The Orange Grenade Training Barrel.

Orange Grenades are the subject of Cranky's second Training Barrel. In this Training Barrel, Donkey is given 60 seconds to collect and throw all five Orange Grenades.

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