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Panflute is one of the main Tikis serving Tiki Tong in Donkey Kong Country Returns (and is the true main antagonist of said game and it's 3DS port). He appears in World 5-B: Mangoruby Run, playing a tune to hypnotize the snake-like creature that resembles a Wiggler from the Mario series. The tiki is later defeated, like all of its other allies, and gets punched out of the area. Panflute has the same skinny hands as all his comrades, as well as flutes on his head and yellow and blue leaves covering him. Panflute also appears to have a case of the hiccups when it was flying down in the beginning of the Mangoruby fight.

Panflute is seen in the final boss fight, when he helps Tiki Tong by turning into hands for him.

Panflute is seen in the intro, where he hypnotizes a giraffe.

Panflute is similar to a tropical-like flute, because of the leaves covering him.

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