SMO Pauline (no mic)
Aliases Lady
The Lady
The Beautiful Girl
Mayor Pauline
Daniella Verducci (Super Mario Bros.)
Residence Big Ape City/New Donk City
Species Human
Gender Female
Affiliates Mario (ex-boyfriend)
Donkey Kong
Enemies Cranky Kong (Formerly)
Donkey Kong (Formerly)

Pauline is Mario's very attractive and unbearably beautiful friend (or ex-girlfriend) and the damsel-in-distress kidnapped by the original Donkey Kong in the 1981 game of the same name. She reappeared in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! and most recently Super Mario Odyssey. It's seems Pauline still has feelings for Mario as she calls him her hero. When Mario possesses a Goomba (it's also wearing Mario's hat) and interacts with another Goomba wearing Pauline's hat they are clearly attracted to each other.