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Puftoss is the fourth boss encountered in Donkey Kong 64. Lanky Kong is the one who fights this boss. Puftoss is a giant Puftup that holds the Boss Key in Gloomy Galleon. He spits fireballs at Lanky Kong and body shock-waves which can toss Lanky Kong around. After awhile, he starts sending out smaller puftups which must be avoided, since Lanky can't fight them on a motor-boat. To defeat him, Lanky must pilot his boat through the DK stars around the arena. Each star makes a pole from the water rise up, and when all five have surfaced, they will electrocute Pufftoss. This must be done five times to win. After passing through the first star, a time limit begins to get to the next star, and after each successful shock, the stars and time limit get smaller. It is unknown if Puftoss is working for King K. Rool or not because he is not seen afterwards. He may be simply be guarding his territory in the galleon. For some reason, his face is completely different than regular puftups, but that may be because he has a defect out of being huge.
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