Rocketbarrel Barrage is Diddy Kong's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When it is activated, Diddy will equip his rocketbarrel pack, and both his Peanut Popguns. He can move quickly with the rocketbarrels and also fire his popguns quickly. The peanuts fire have good knockback, but Diddy himself can simply ram into foes for damage.

When the attack ends, Diddy's Rocketbarrel Pack explodes with no warning, sending the Rocketbarrels flying in different directions. This does not deal damage. Diddy is flung into the air and becomes helpless. Some peanuts left over from the attack can be consumed for a small amount of health recovery.

Trophy Description

"Diddy Kong's Final Smash. Equipping his rocketbarrels and dual peanut popguns, Diddy can fly around attacking opponents in rapid-fire fashion. He can tilt the barrel jets left or right to control his flight and shoot peanuts straight down, too. This is a technique that tests one's ability to control both movement and attack direction."

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