ExitIsNearSign Rope Bridge Rumble ExitSign
World Gorilla Glacier
Type Treetop Village
Theme {{{theme}}}
Animal Buddies Winky the Frog

Enemies Encountered Zingers, Kritters, Armys
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Rope Bridge Rumble is the sixth level for Gorilla Glacier in the game Donkey Kong Country. It is the second and final abandoned tree village stage. This level appears to be high up in the sky and features enemies such as Gnawties.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong appear to be in a high up treetop village with bouncy Tires that help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong cross large gaps and abysses. Some of these tires are on moving platforms which usually cross paths with Zingers, making a difficult challenge for some. Kritters are also in abundance here. All these enemies can easily be defeated however, by finding Winky the Frog in the area's first Bonus Area.

        Cranky Complaining "They can't keep this level of content up for much longer!"
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