Sea Breeze Cove

The lagoon from a distance

Sea Breeze Cove is the fourth world in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are all Water stages, which means that the Kongs must regularly find a source of air before they drown. Air bubbles will replenish their air supply.


Sea Breeze Cove is an atoll with many palm trees living on them as well as a diverse ecosystem of sealife including SnagglesPufftups, and more living around. This atoll is where a small keep was built by an unknown group.


Fugu Face-Off

Main article: Fugu Face-Off

Fugu Face Off is the boss battle of Sea Breeze Cove. Fugu is a fish that has spikes on it. The only way to hit him is to hit his back. You can also send fish to make his spikes gone for 1 hit.

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