Breaking the Barrel for Mirror Mode

A Slot Machine Barrel giving the Kongs the Banana Mirror, which unlocks Mirror Mode.

A Slot Machine Barrel is a special barrel found in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze . It is found at the end of almost every level in the game, excluding bosses and Key Temples. Donkey and Diddy Kong must find this barrel to finish the level. When finishing the level, the Kongs must jump at the barrel, which will then give them either a Banana Bunch, Banana Coin, or Extra Life Balloon. The barrel also has a DK logo, and when this is hit, it can be hit multiple times by shaking the Wii Remote. It gives the number of hits of one of the other three items. Once the reward has been given, it shows a screen that tells the player how many Puzzle Pieces and K-O-N-G Letters they found before giving the options of retrying the level or continuing back to the map screen.

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