Snowflake Mountain

The lobby of Snowflake Mountain.

Snowflake Mountain is the second world of Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. The area is snow based with frozen ponds, giant snowballs, and a single village in one racetrack. To access it, the player must have collected 2 or more Golden Balloons and fly to the entrance on a cliff. Bluey the Walrus is the boss.


The permanently frozen slopes of Snowflake Mountain are pretty inhospitable at most times, but when it comes to testing your racing prowess, they're the place to be. Frosty tunnels, towering ice slabs and vast snowfields all combine to form some grueling courses. Here you'll get the chance to hit top speed on the glacier at Everfrost Peak, loop the loop in the caves of Walrus Cove, skid between tumbling ice boulders in Snowball valley and cruise through the starlit mist at Frosty Village.

Snowflake mounatin map

Map of Snowflake Mountain

–Description from the Diddy Kong Racing Instruction Booklet

Race Tracks

Everfrost Peak

Everfrost Peak is the first track of Snowflake Mountain and is set in a mountain.

Walrus Cove

Walrus Coveis the second track of Snowflake Mountain and is set in a cove. Ironically, not many walruses can be seen. It contains a loop.

Snowball Valley

Snowball Valley is the third track of Snowflake Mountain and is set in a valley full of snow. Snowballs often roll down the hill and increase in side.

Frosty Village

Frosty Village is the fourth track of Snowflake Mountain and is set in a village.

Bluey's Course

Bluey's Course is the boss track of Snowflake Mountain and is set in a mountain, going downhill.

Icicle Pyramid

Icicle Pyramid is the battle stage of Snowflake Mountain where players must be the last one standing in an all out battle with three other racers using power-ups.


  • Two of this worlds tracks, Everfrost Peak and Snowball Valley, share track music.

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