Steam Trains are trains that appear in the level Grip N' Trip in
Steam train

A Steam Train with a banana flying past.

Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are wooden steam locomotives that appear to release fire opposed to smoke. The trains also provide grass for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to hang from, hence the level name, Grip N' Trip. Once either of the Kongs are hanging on, the train will start to rush along, until exploding at the end of the track. The car following behind the locomotive resembles a Mine Cart.


  • The locomotive looks somewhat like a barrel, Donkey's signature accessory.
  • When you pause while riding the train, then go back to playing without holding the one button, you will fall to the doom of one balloon.
  • The mine carts in the level seem to resemble the train cars that follow the trains, vice versa.

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