Stop & Go Barrels are a unique type of barrel encountered exclusively in the stage Stop & Go Station of Monkey Mines in Donkey Kong Country.


Stop and Go barrels have an odd connection to the enemy Rockkroc; these barrels were the Rockkroc's ultimate weakness (when they were used right). If a Kong made contact with one, the barrels would switch to "STOP" and the Rockkrocs would be frozen for a short period of time. The stage lighting would also change, green if the barrels were on "GO", and red if on "STOP".

In the stage, it becomes a race to get to them before the Rockkrocs would get free. If on "GO", the Rockkrocs will rapidly move throughout the stage, unstoppable. Even when stopped, the Rockkrocs will still be invincible; only in the Game Boy Advance remake did Donkey Kong gain the ability to kill one with his Hand Slap.


Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

"Found on Stop & Go Station, one touch of these barrels will stop a Rockkroc in its tracks."


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