ExitIsNearSign Tanked Up Trouble ExitSign
World Chimp Caverns
Type Walkway
Theme Life in the mines
Bonus Stages 1
Notable Features Features fuel-powered moving platforms
Enemies Encountered Kritters, Neckies, Zingers, Gnawties
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Tanked Up Trouble is the first stage of Chimp Caverns in Donkey Kong Country.


In this stage, Donkey and Diddy Kong must go on a moving platform with a small amount of fuel and the Kongs must refuel the platform every time they see a Fuel Barrel. If the Kongs fail to collect it, the platform will run out of fuel and the Kongs will be stuck and lose a life. If the platform is on green, it has a good amount of fuel, it is orange, it is getting low on fuel, and if it is on red, it is low on fuel. About halfway through the stage, the Kongs will encounter Zingers.


Bonus Stage

  • Underneath the first 90 degree turn.

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