The Great Ape War was a war between the Kongs (aka the Primate Alliance) and the Kremlings (aka the Kroc-Army).


Funky Kong

Funky Kong

Funky in Donkey Kong 64, in his army attire.

Funky Kong was known as the "Brown Baron" for being the greatest pilot in the war, though he lost his tail after General Klump shot him down during a dog fight. This is why many people believe Funky Kong is an ape, but he is actually half monkey, half ape due to dominate genes from Donkey Kong Jr., his father, and recessive genes from an unknown female monkey for a mother. Funky's involvement in the war could be the reason why he has various types of weapons for sale and has different ammo for each of the said weapons.

Commander Cranky Kong

Cranky Kong was the main Commander and Lead Organizer of the Ape Alliance. Though his loss against Stanley the Bugman shattered his hopes and dreams, The Great Ape War is likely what took the biggest toll on his health, giving him a hunchback and requiring a cane to walk. It is assumed that Cranky was still in top shape during the war, as he brought it to an end after defeating General Krusha in a final battle.


Klump Show

A Klump from the DKC TV Series.

General Klump

General Klump was the lead pilot of the Kroc-Army during the war. Klump is responsible for shooting down the Biplane Barrel, piloted by Funky, resulting in the loss of his tail.

General Krusha


Artwork from Donkey Kong Country (GBA).

General Krusha was the most formidable soldier in the Kroc-Army, which contrasted greatly with his low intelligence. He would often be sent on reconnaissance missions to retrieve the Crystal Coconut from the Primate Alliance, failing every time. His climactic showdown against Cranky Kong ended the war.

Kommander K. Rool

In the days of the War, K. Rool was not the ruler of the Kremling Krew (it is unknown who he succeeded afterwards). K. Rool is responsible for ordering both Generals Klump and Krusha on various missions which always failed.

Inner-Army conflicts


Artwork from Donkey Kong Country (SNES).

Manky Kong betrayal

When the future was looking bleak for the Primate Alliance, certain groups started questioning whether the war could truly be won. One specific group, the Manky Kongs, began to prioritize the survival of their kind alone, resulting in a rebellion against the Primate Alliance. The Alliance did not forgive them for this and the Manky race remained Kong Family rejects throughout history. While uncertain, it is speculated something similar may have happened with the Minkeys.

It is unknown how Lanky Kong, being a reject orangutan, was accepted into the Kong Family later on. It's possible that he was too young to be involved in the betrayal, or he was more close with the main family of Kongs.


DK Theory- The Great Ape War - Gnoggin X Treesicle19:06

DK Theory- The Great Ape War - Gnoggin X Treesicle

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