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ExitIsNearSign Tidal Trouble ExitSign
World Lake Orangatanga
Type Boardwalk
Theme Stilt Village
Animal Buddies Enguarde
Bonus level(s) 2
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Enemies encountered Kobble, Kocos, Lurchins, Knockas, Buzzes, Booty Bird, Knik-Knaks, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
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Tidal Trouble is the third level in the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and as well as the third level of its world, Lake Orangatanga. One Kobble, twenty Kocos with sixteen being green and four being red, four Knockas, a lone Lurchin, eight green Buzzes, one Booty Bird, six Knik-Knaks, and a single Koin are found as enemies in the level. Enguarde also lurks in this area to help Dixie and Kiddy.

Level Layout

At the beginning of the level, Dixie and Kiddy start out on boardwalks. Afterwards, they will reach the end of the boardwalk and in the water, there is some bananas for them to collect. Afterwards, they will have to jump out of the water and some Knockas that will try to push them back in. Then there will be banana trails leading them to the next boardwalk. Halfway through the level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will swim through the water until reaching the other boardwalk and they have to keep on advancing until the reach the Level Flag.

Animal Buddies

  • Enguarde the Swordfish: Fall in the water below the O letter and swim backward.

Special Barrels

  • DK Barrels
    • Shortly after the K letter.
    • Directly after the Star Barrel.
    • Right before the first Red Koco.
  • Star Barrel
    • After the "No Enguarde Sign".
  • Warp Barrel
    • Stand on the left edge before the first Knocka and use Water Skip to reach the Warp Barrel.
  • Bonus Barrels
    • Collect 30 Stars: After transform into Enguarde, swim forward, killing the Green Kocos to reach the first Bonus Barrel.
    • Bash the Baddies: After the second Red Koco, jump on the Knik-Knaks to reach the platform where Knocka and Booty Bird are. Use Helicopter Twirl or Water Skip to reach the next platform, where the second Bonus Barrel is.


  • Bananas: 118 (Five from Bonus Levels)
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Shortly after Kobble.
    • O: After the second Knocka.
    • N: Guarded inside the Booty Bird. Use Knocka to kill it.
    • G: After the last Buzz.
  • Extra Life Balloons:
    • Red:
      • It is hidden below the cracked floor near the Level Flag. Kiddy must be thrown to break the floor.
  • DK Coin:
    • The Steel Keg is above the house at the beginning, throw Dixie to reach it. Koin is at the beginning.
  • Bear Coins:
    • Above the first Buzz after the second DK Barrel.
    • It is hidden, above the third Buzz after the second DK Barrel.

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