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Tiki Bomber

Tiki Bombers are similar to Tiki Torches. The difference is that they only have two horns on each side and burn a blue flame. Unlike Tiki Torches, they keep their mouth closed and only open it to attack. However, like Tiki Torches, they have a pair of rather flimsy arms that are slightly disguised by its flames. Finally, they also have fairly blunt teeth, which is unusual for a member of the Tiki Tak Tribe. They shoot fire by opening and closing their mouth. They shoot blue fireballs out on each side, which makes it difficult to blow and put out their flame. But once that is done, they can be defeated by jumping on them or rolling into them. There is another type of them that throws bombs into the air and then land back down; however, they still look the same, but are painted red instead of blue.

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