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Tippin' Totems is the fourth level of the Forest (World 5) in DKCR. You will have to avoid moving totems, which you may fall from. Diddy is extremely helpful here, because of his jet pack. (Note: The Kongs will eventually have to deal with a hippo-like creature (Bopapodami.) Just jump on it like a regular plaftform.)

Letters: K: A little after the start, avoid a Spore Chomp and grab K. O: Pound the ground near the Spore Chomps after the first checkpoint to make a mushroom appear, bouncing up to the O. N: Bounce off a Squeekly to reach the letter N. G: After the fifth Puzzle Piece's bonus Room, jump off a Tiki Goon riding a totem to reach the G.

Puzzle Pieces: 1: After the K, drop down to a platform with Puzzle Piece #1. 2: On the second totem section, grab all the bananas in the air and collect the Puzzle Piece. 3: Pound the circular panel next to the first checkpoint to go into a bonus room. 4: After collecting the N, pound on the second plant platform near the totems to reveal your fourth Puzzle Piece. 5: At the next moss-like ceiling, drop off the totem to blast into a bonus Room. 6: After the G, continue left to grab the sixth Puzzle Piece. 7: Near the end, hop off the hippos, collecting all bananas, to reveal the seventh and final Puzzle Piece.

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