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ExitIsNearSign Track Attack ExitSign
World Monkey Mountains and Chimpanzee Clouds
Type Sky
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Enemies Encountered Zingers, Hogwashes, Gnawties, Kritters
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land

Track Attack is the first stage for Chimpanzee Clouds and the nineteenth stage for the game Donkey Kong Land.


This stage has a sky-like appearance and Donkey and Diddy must cross the sky with cloud platforms. There will be Hogwashes and Zingers trying to attack the Kongs while they are on board. The platforms can glide away from them in the air as well. A Mincer can also be found in a Bonus Stage.


Bonus Stages

  • In order to access the first Bonus Stage, Donkey and Diddy must hop onto the second platform in the game. When they find a Zinger, they must hop over it and then can be found being in a Barrel Cannon that shoots them to the bonus area. In this bonus stage, Donkey and Diddy must collect the letter O while avoiding a Zinger.
  • Near the end of the stage, Donkey and Diddy can notice two Hogwashes flying close together. They must bounce on these two Hogwashes to gain momemtum to bounce high enough so they can reach the Barrel Cannon leading them to the bonus area. Here, the two can collect a lot of Bananas and a Kong Token. When they are done, they can just exit on the right via a Barrel.


Donkey Kong Land - Track Attack02:00

Donkey Kong Land - Track Attack

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