I know there'e already been a Donkey Kong movie, like the made-for-video The Legends of the Crystal Coconut for exemple (which shows episodes from Donkey Kong TV series by Nelvana), but what if another animation company Blue Sky Studios (the makers of Ice Age and Rio franchises) would also think of get the movie license from Nintendo to make a theatrical computer animated feature film based on Donkey Kong and as well as Donkey Kong Country? If that happens, I think that it would be the origin story of Donkey Kong and also, I made a fanon list of cast of voice actors and actresses could do the voices of the DK characters:

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Donkey Kong

Josh Gad as Diddy Kong

Christopher Lloyd as Cranky Kong

Dakota Fanning as Dixie Kong

Tara Strong as Tiny Kong

Brad Garrett as Chunky Kong, and Klump

Angelina Jolie as Candy Kong

Patrick Warburton as Funky Kong

Tom Kenny as Lanky Kong

Julie Andrews as Wrinkly Kong

Tim Curry as King K. Rool

David Ogden Stiers as Krusha

Frank Welker as Klaptraps, Zingers, other animals

Jim Cummings as Kritters

So what did you think, and can you please think of another or better voice actors would do the roles of the characters for a DK movie? Please comment below.

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